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Made with Organic Ingredients

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Certified organic and formulated with seven purposeful ingredients.
No synthetic chemicals. No animal testing. No artificial dyes, fragrances, or preservatives.
Effective, real medicine made clean in the U.S.A, and woman owned.

Health professionals are using TJz Balm™ as a treatment for TMJ pain relief and customers are saying that TJz Balm™ alleviates TMJ pain, TMJ headache, TMJ ear pain and other jaw problems.

More About Our 7-Botanical Ingredients

Natural Menthol

Natural menthol is the active ingredient in TJz Balm™, a first of its kind organic topical pain relief drug that alleviates muscle and joint pain, with cosmetic properties that relax and soothe the jaw area. Most topical pain relief products use menthol that is produced in the laboratory rather than naturally extracted from trees. 

Natural menthol has a cooling sensation, which stimulates sensory receptors in the skin that block pain sensations. This leads to muscle and joint pain relief, which may include TMJ jaw pain, TMJ ear pain and TMJ headache pain. Menthol is effective and safe. It does not actually change the skin’s temperature.

Natural Camphor

Like our natural menthol, our natural camphor is extracted from a plant, whereas other pain relief brands use synthetic camphor. Natural camphor has a cooling sensation that blocks pain sensations. It does not change the skin’s temperature. Camphor alleviates muscle and joint pain, eases skin irritation and may relieve symptoms of itching. Camphor is more aromatic than menthol.

Organic Wintergreen Leaf Oil

Our organic wintergreen leaf oil is made by steam processing of warmed, water-soaked wintergreen leaves. We do not allow the use of chemicals for the extraction.  Wintergreen leaf oil is the natural form of methyl salicylate. Synthetic salicylates are often used as active ingredients in topical pain relief drugs. Aspirin is in this group of drugs. Methyl salicylate is well absorbed. When a salicylate compound is absorbed and metabolized into salicylic acid, it provides pain relief and decreases inflammation. Wintergreen leaf oil has a clean aroma.

If you have an aspirin allergy or are taking blood thinners, consult with a doctor before regularly using any topical medications that contain salicylates or wintergreen leaf oil.

Organic Lavender Oil

Our organic lavender oil is from English lavender. Unlike other brands, we would never use spiked or hybrid varieties of lavender. Studies show that lavender is safe and effective and a useful self-care intervention for those with sleep issues. Difficulty with sleep initiation, sleep maintenance and daytime drowsiness can affect health, safety and ability to function. Holistic practitioners have been recommending lavender as a first-line treatment for their patients with sleep problems. One study concluded that lavender elevates mood and promotes relaxation. It may also alleviate TMJ headaches.

Organic Ginger Oil

Our organic ginger oil is extracted from the roots of the ginger rhizome. It has a warming effect on the skin that helps with relaxation. Its phytochemicals have anti-inflammatory properties. Topical ginger treatments are thought to help with joint and muscle pain. Research in the Journal of Holistic Nursing has concluded that topical ginger treatments have the potential to relieve symptoms and increase independence in people with chronic osteoarthritis. TMJ pain and jaw problems can be caused by arthritis in the jaw.

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

Our organic jojoba seed oil is a light moisturizing oil that mimics the consistency of our own sebum, making it an excellent acne treatment. High-quality jojoba seed oil helps the skin balance its own production of oil, making it an ideal moisturizer for all skin types. It hydrates the delicate skin of the jaw, neck and behind the ears. Jojoba seed oil carries the other botanical ingredients--known as essential oils--into the skin, which makes the essential oils safe for topical use. It is unsafe to apply essential oils directly to the skin.

Organic Beeswax

Our organic beeswax nourishes the skin and has antioxidant properties. It is a natural source of vitamin A. Beeswax works to keep our natural and organic ingredients combined without the need for chemical binders, stabilizers and preservatives. 

Note: Active ingredients and essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin. TJz Balm™ has a patent pending formulation that is safe for the skin. Its hands-free massaging applicator allows for deeper penetration of the formula.