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TJz Balm™ is a First Of Its Kind organic and 100 percent botanical night-time topical pain relief drug that alleviates muscle and joint pain with cosmetic properties that soothe and moisturize the delicate area around the jaw, neck and behind the ears.

TJz Balm™ Attributes

 The U.S.-made OTC topical pain relief balm complements traditional treatments and can also be used during massage and facial treatments to relieve tension and promote deep relaxation:

  • FDA-OTC Topical Pain Relief Drug with Cosmetic Properties 
  • PCO Certified Organic
  • Uniquely Formulated for the Delicate area around the Jaw, Neck and Behind the Ears
  • Hands-free Jaw Massaging Applicator
  • Moisturizing Cosmetic Properties 
  • Dermatologist Reviewed and Tested for Adverse Reactions with the RIPT Test
  • 100% Botanical: Made with Seven Purposeful Botanical Ingredients including Menthol, Lavender, Ginger and Jojoba.
  • Eco-friendly with No Synthetic Chemicals and No Animal Testing

TJz Balm™ Benefits

Symptoms Why TJz Balm™?
Jaw Muscle / Joint Pain FDA OTC Drug Properties:
- Topical Pain Relief
- Relieves Pain & Tension in Muscles & Joints
- Long-lasting Formulation

Cosmetic Properties:

- Moisturizing
- Relaxes & Soothes Jaw Area
- Formulated for sensitive skin

Other Properties:

- Hand-free Massaging Applicator for Jaw Massage, Masseter & Sternocleidomastoid Release & Trapezius Muscle Massage
- Unique Combo of 7 Purposeful Botanicals
- Mild Lavender Aroma for Relaxation
Teeth Grinding / Clenching
Jaw Popping / Clicking
Jaw Locking
Difficulty Chewing
TMJ Headaches
Sleep Disruption
Neck Muscle Pain
Pain In / Around Ear
Arthritic Joint

  • 1 in 3 adults suffer from bruxism*.

  • 1 in 12 adults suffer from TMJ disorders**. 

*Journal of Orofacial pain, "Epidemiology of Bruxism in Adults” 2013


The Science Behind TJz Balm™

The cooling and warming effect of our botanical ingredients trick the mind into thinking that the skin temperature is cooling, then warming. These feelings on the skin distract you from feeling the pain that is deeper in your muscles and joints by desensitizing the nerve endings. Like ice packs, the cooling effect also decreases arterial blood flow.

Multi-disciplinary Healthcare Practitioners Benefit from Using TJz Balm™

  • Dentists
  • Physical therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • TMJ specialists
  • Orofacial pain specialists
  • Aestheticians / Medical day spas 
  • Holistic practitioners 
  • Craniofacial pain specialists 

How Health Professionals Incorporate TJz Balm™ into Everyday Practice 

Practitioners are using TJz Balm™ as part of treatment for topical pain relief of the jaw, neck and lower face to soothe and relax the area during manipulation, massage, masseter release, dental cleanings and other lower face/neck treatments. 

If you would like to arrange a call with one of our co-founders, to further discuss use, benefits or have other questions, please email with two time/date options for the call. We will respond within two business days. 

Sell TJz Balm™ from Your Practice 

If you would like to sell the product within your practice, we offer substantial wholesale discounts and a health professional affiliate program where you can earn a percentage of online sales from patients that are referred by you. If you are interested in recommending TJz Balm™ to your patients, we have postcards that can be displayed in your reception area.  

For wholesale pricing and order quantities, we are currently offering first time customers a minimum order quantity of 10 units. There is a $10 flat shipping fee. Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. Note that in some states, OTC products are non-taxable. For pricing, please email

Become an Affiliate E-commerce Partner 

The TJz™ team invites practitioners to join the TJz™ HealthPRO Affiliate Program, created for you and your patients with access to expert educational blogs, TMJ-friendly healthy recipes, jaw pain relief tips and so much more. Join now and also become part of our TMJ professional directory.

  • As a HealthPRO affiliate you will receive a unique link, promo code and/or QR code to share with patients. When patients purchase from using the provided link, QR code or promo code, the affiliate receives 20 percent commission on the sale. TJz Balm™ provides the link, promo code and QR code.
  • When a link is used on a device the cookie will stay on that device for 30 days. That means, you get a commission on any purchase made within those 30 days from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site. The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale.
  • When available, TJz™ HealthPRO affiliates will receive our professional samples to offer to their patients.

Get Featured or Contribute to our TMJ Blog as a TMJ / Bruxism HealthPro Expert 

 The TJz™ Blog is loved by our customers. Self-care and health-oriented articles related to jaw pain and jaw problems are featured in our weekly email blasts and on our social media pages. If you would like to be featured on the TJz™ Blog or contribute to one of our articles as a TMJ specialist, please email us your contact information so we may reach out with the details of what is needed to move forward. Linking the article to your website and back linking to our website is beneficial for SEO.

Night-time Bruxism Studies using TJz Balm™

  1. The formulation was tested on 9 subjects who suffered night-time bruxism.  The clinical subjects applied the formulation for seven consecutive days.  The subjects were asked to rate their pain rating on a scale of 0 (no pain) -10 (most severe).  Pain levels were measured before and after application.  The following results were observed.
Subject Pain Level Before Applying Composition Pain Level After Applying Composition
1 4 2
2 10 4
3 6 2
4 4 2
5 8 4
6 8 0
7 4 1
8 4 2
9 4-10 2
  1. The study showed an average pain reduction score of 4 with no adverse reactions.

If you are part of a university or research facility studying the management of TMJ disorders and bruxism and would like to use TJz Balm in a clinical trial or research project, please email:

TJz Balm™ Creators

TJz Balm™ was developed by a mom - son duo, a nutritional biochemist from Cornell University and an engineer from Columbia University who both suffered from symptoms of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding, clenching, TMJ headaches, TMJ ear pain and TMJ jaw pain).

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