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TJz Balm™ Organic Night-time Topical Pain Relief Balm & Jaw Moisturizer

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Until now, OTC topical pain relief drugs have contained ingredients that are too harsh to put on the delicate skin around the jaw, neck and behind the ears. TJz™ has discovered a way to create an effective topical pain relief balm with cosmetic properties to soften and soothe sensitive areas around muscles and joints. The hands-free massaging applicator helps to relax the muscles and joints and deepens the pain relief effect. Our organic lavender may help you get more ZZZ’s! Learn more on our How To Use page.

Yes! We use 100% natural ingredients. In fact, we are 100% botanical and PCO-certified organic.

An OTC, also known as an over-the-counter medicine, is a nonprescription drug that you can buy without a prescription. OTCs are safe and effective when you follow the directions on the label and as directed by your health care professional. In the U.S., the manufacture and sale of OTC substances are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our formula is made with organic jojoba seed oil, known at nature’s best moisturizer. Jojoba seed oil is similar to human skin oils. Its use can trick the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balances oil production, without promoting acne or other skin problems. Jojoba seed oil is an antimicrobial, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin.

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Please refer to the carton’s Drug Facts panel and Directions.

Natural USP Menthol (2.4%)

TJz Balm™, like other topical pain relief medications, is thought to work due to the “Pain Gate Theory”. You feel pain when nerve receptors send a signal from the point of pain to the spinal cord and then to the brain. The cold sensation “counter irritant” caused by the menthol blocks the nerves that signal pain, so you feel a cooling sensation instead.

Our formula creates hot, cold and tingling sensations when applied to the skin, which inhibits pain transmission from the sensory nerves. It also contains a natural form (wintergreen leaf oil) of salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory medication, which penetrates the tissues beneath the skin and reduces swelling at the pain site.

No, do not mix topical pain relief products with heat. This can cause the formula to be absorbed into the bloodstream too rapidly.

TJz Balm™ was invented in 2018 and brough to market in 2020 by a mom-son duo, nutritional biochemist from Cornell University and an engineer from Columbia University, whose family suffered from joint and muscle pain, particularly around the jaw, in an area called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Waking up in the middle of the night with jaw clenched and teeth grinding, they created a natural topical pain relief product that works. TJz™ is unique in only containing 7 purposeful botanical and organic ingredients, never synthetic chemicals!

Tjz Balm - Organic Night-time Topical Pain Relief

Yes, TJz balm™ is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists and other health professionals.

Many people use it to relieve pain, especially at bedtime. It contains organic lavender oil, which may help sleep.

No, TJz Balm™ contains seven purposeful botanical ingredients as noted on the carton. There are no synthetics ingredients, and we make sure that the ingredients are naturally extracted from the plants. No synthetic chemicals are used in the product or during the manufacturing.

No prescription is needed. It is an over-the-counter FDA approved topical pain relief drug with cosmetic properties.

No, it is not intended to be used for those purposes. Be sure to wash your hands after application. Better yet, use the hands-free massaging applicator to apply. If it gets into your eyes, it can cause harm.

You should not tightly wrap or bandage the area where TJz Balm™ is being applied.

Ask a health professional before using TJz Balm™ if you are pregnant or nursing.

TJz Balm™ can be used on adults and children twelve years old and older. Consult a physician for children younger than these ages. If it is accidentally ingested by a child (or adult) seek medical help immediately.

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It is not intended for use on pets. If your pet accidentally ingests TJz Balm™, call your veterinarian immediately and have the label on hand for reference.

Rinse your eye with cool water or take a shower with cool (not cold) shower water hitting your forehead and running down through your eyes for fifteen minutes. If a problem persists, seek medical help and be sure to take your TJz Balm™ with you for reference.

Stop using the product. If the rash persists, contact your doctor. Our product is dermatologist reviewed and has been RIPT tested on 50 individuals with no adverse reactions.

The plant-based ingredients have a mild and pleasant scent.

Jojoba seed oil*, beeswax*, wintergreen leaf oil*, lavender oil*, ginger root oil*, camphor The active ingredient is USP natural menthol. (*organic)

Although it’s sold as a night-time formula, it can be applied to the affected areas up to four times a day.

The effects can last up to 5 hours after application.

Topical pain relief products are not a cure. TJz Balm™ is be used as part of a holistic treatment plan and typically in conjunction with other interventions such as massage therapy, exercises, meditation etc. depending on the underlying condition(s).

Yes. It has a shelf life of two or three years. Check the actual product for the expiration date located on the package.

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Yes, the tube can be taken on an airplane according to the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule.

TJz Balm™ is often used as part of a massage.

The joints on the two sides of the jaw are called temporomandibular joints or TMJs. TMJ pain is related to pain in the TMJ joints and also related to tight muscles surrounding the TMJ joints. TJz Balm is a topical pain relief medication for joints and muscles that was formulated to be effective, yet beneficial for the delicate area around the jaw, neck & behind the ears.

TMJ disorder develops from problems with the fit between the upper and lower teeth, the jaw joint, and the muscles in the face that control chewing and moving the jaw. The improper functioning of these jaw muscles and joints causes TMJ jaw pain and other symptoms when opening and closing the mouth or chewing.

Bruxism is a different condition than TMJ disorder that can also have a negative effect on the proper functioning of the jaw and cause jaw problems. Those who suffer from bruxism grind their teeth and clench their jaw usually at night, and often during stressful times. Many are unaware that they do this. When left untreated, it can lead to jaw pain, worn-down tooth enamel and chipped teeth. Bruxism can also cause TMJ headaches and TMJ earaches. TMJ disorder can cause bruxism or vice versa. Bruxism can cause or even worsen TMJ disorder. Dentists recommend wearing a night guard to protect the teeth. However, night guards do not address the jaw pain or underlying conditions.

Yes, TJz Balm™ offers topical pain relief to the muscles and joints, while wearing a night guard / mouth guard protects the teeth.

The product is made in the USA with global ingredients, in a GMP, ISO-22716, PCO Organic, FDA-registered lab located in New Jersey, USA.

Tjz Balm - Organic Night-time Topical Pain Relief

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