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Teeth Grinding At Night?

by TJz Balm Expert
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Teeth Grinding At Night?

Chronic teeth grinding at night is called sleep bruxism.

What is Bruxism?


Bruxism is defined as repetitive jaw muscle activity characterized by clenching and/or grinding of teeth.


Types of Bruxism


  1. Awake Bruxism
  2. Sleep Bruxism


Causes of Sleep Bruxism


  • Occurs in about 13 percent of adults
  • Cause is unknown and probably multi-factorial
  • Evidence suggests controlled by social factors like stress


Sleep Bruxism Leads to Other Problems


  • Headaches
  • Temporomandibular disorders
  • Tooth wear and restoration failure


Diagnosing Sleep Bruxism


  • Self-reporting
  • Dental examination
  • Trial interventions
  • Electrophysiological tools to confirm diagnosis


Management of Sleep Bruxism


  • No known cures
  • Tooth protection
  • Pain relief
  • Exercises and gentle massage to reduce stress in the jaw area


Resource: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5026093/


What is TJz Balm™?

An organic and botanical topical night-time pain relief balm to combat teeth grinding, jaw pain, and promote sleep, especially during the pandemic, leaving skin silky soft thanks to natural ingredients. This FDA-OTC drug contains a unique formula derived from seven plants including organic lavender, ginger, and jojoba.


Most name-brand OTC topical pain relief formulas use synthetic chemical ingredients that may be detrimental to your skin, whereas TJz Balm™ is made with 100 percent botanical ingredients that are soothing for delicate areas of the jaw, neck and behind the ears.  TJz Balm™ is manufactured in the USA with global ingredients, is dermatologist reviewed and GMO-free, and uses no animal-testing. The hands-free massaging applicator helps to relax the jaw while applying the pain relief balm. 


by TJz Balm Expert


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