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Stress Affects Your Health, Spirit and Your Jaw

by TJz Balm Expert
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Stress Affects Your Health, Spirit and Your Jaw

The good news is that you can learn how to stress less.  Stressing less can result in less TMJ, jaw grinding and clenching, better sleep, reduced muscle and joint pain and overall improved health.

Relax physically- Visualization, mindfulness, guided imagery, and diaphragm breathing are techniques that can calm your body to better manage stress.

Change your thoughts- Changing the way you think about stressful situations can help you cope with future stressors in a more positive way. Using self-talk to help you think about issues differently can be helpful.

Get up and move- Physical activity is one of the best ways to temper stress. Adding exercise into your daily routine also improves sleep. Being in nature or a walk in the park can change your mindset.

Connect with friends and family- Confiding in a friend or family member who is willing to listen to your concerns or offer advice may be as helpful as talking to a therapist. If you have no one to confide in, then seek out a licensed mental health professional.

Think small- Small changes are easy to tackle and will lead to bigger long-term changes. For example, eating a healthful snack like a piece of fruit with yogurt rather than gobbling a box of cookies. Or taking a walk rather than drinking a beer. Simple self-care practices lead to stress relief.

Stress can cause physical problems. For example, stress and anxiety is often the cause of TMJ and bruxism. Night-time teeth grinding and jaw clenching can erode the jawbone and cause misalignment of the teeth. Jaw pain, and tension in the muscles and joints of the jaw can lead to neck, head and back pain.

Managing TMJ and bruxism requires a multi-faceted approach. Massaging an organic nighttime topical pain relief balm and jaw moisturizer such at TJz Balm into targeted muscles and joints in the head, jaw and neck is known to be extremely helpful. Jaw exercises, postural exercises, stretching, tongue positioning, and proper sleep positions are essential. This is all part of developing a routine of stress management and self-care.


by TJz Balm Expert


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