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Mouth guards: What You Need To Know

by TJz Balm Expert
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Mouth guards: What You Need To Know

For those who suffer with jaw pain, TMJ pain and night-time bruxism, mouth guards are the gold standard for protecting teeth from being worn away as a consequence of teeth grinding. But did you know that mouth guards do not resolve the root cause of TMJ disorders and can actually promote teeth grinding and jaw clenching?  

In fact, most of us who grind our teeth at night and suffer with jaw pain would love to lessen the need for mouth guards.

Here’s why:

  • Mouth guards make your mouth ache
  • Wearing a mouth guard makes it difficult to fall asleep
  • Mouth guards are unattractive for your significant other and for yourself
  • Mouth guards are expensive - up to $1500 without dental insurance and wear out/need to be replaced
  • Mouth guards promote grinding and clenching
  • Mouth guards require upkeep and daily cleaning
  • Mouth guards can be unsanitary

What are the alternatives to mouth guards?

  • Physical therapy can identify and address postural or other physical limitations that contribute to jaw pain.
  • Behavioral therapy can identify triggers of stress that cause teeth-grinding and help develop techniques to manage these triggers.
  • Meditation before bedtime can help to reduce anxiety.
  • Exercise can reduce overall stress.
  • Massage of the head, neck and jaw area can relax the muscles around the TMJ joint.
  • OTC- organic night-time topical pain relief medications like TJz™ Balm can relax and soothe the jaw, neck and behind the ears when properly massaged into those areas before bedtime.

 Remember that if your dentist recommends a mouth guard, it’s to protect your teeth, so follow your dentist’s recommendations. Do communicate about a long-term plan so that the need to wear the mouth guard can lessen overtime.

*Please note that mouth guards may also be referred to as night guards.

TJz Balm™- the organic OTC topical pain relief solution to relax the jaw      

TJz Balm™ is an organic and botanical topical night-time pain relief balm created to relax and moisturize the jaw. Today, teeth grinding, jaw pain and poor sleep has been on the rise, especially during the pandemic. TJz Balm™ leaves skin silky soft thanks to its natural ingredients. This FDA-compliant OTC drug contains a unique formula derived from seven plants including organic lavender, ginger, and jojoba.

A professional mom and son duo with degrees in nutritional biochemistry and industrial engineering suffering from night-time TMJ related teeth grinding, clenching and jaw pain were driven to use a combination of recipe development skills and knowledge of botanicals to create an effective topical pain relief and relaxation formula. There was nothing available for TMJ pain relief that could safely be applied to sensitive skin. 

TJ Anapol, the President of TJz Balm™ says, "Most name-brand OTC topical pain relief formulas use synthetic chemical ingredients that may be detrimental to your skin, whereas TJz Balm™ is made with 100 percent botanical ingredients that are soothing for delicate areas of the jaw, neck and behind the ears. " TJz Balm™ is manufactured in the USA with global ingredients, is dermatologist reviewed and GMO-free, and uses no animal-testing. Visit to view a video on how to apply the balm.

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by TJz Balm Expert


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