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Jaw Pain Relief Checklist

by TJz Balm Expert
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Jaw Pain Relief Checklist

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night due to jaw clenching? Do you wake up in the morning with jaw pain from grinding your teeth? Lifestyle changes can help manage joint and muscle tension.

First Of Its Kind: Topical Pain Relief Balm Made with Organic Ingredients 

There is a new OTC night-time topical pain relief balm made with organic ingredients that can soothe the jaw thanks to its botanical ingredients. The balm has a hands-free massage applicator.  The formula was created by a nutritional biochemist and her engineer son who both suffered with nighttime teeth grinding. It’s called TJz Balm™, available at Tjzbalm.com.

In conjunction with using a topical organic pain relief balm, your dentist may have fitted you for a mouthguard. While mouthguards promote teeth grinding, until you gain control, it’s important to wear in order to protect your teeth.

Nutrient-rich Soft Diet Is Essential

Eating a nutrient-dense soft diet is important to maintaining a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Food is medicine and eating right will help you sleep better. Did you know that just two ounces of tart cherry juice may help improve sleep? Check out recipes and nutrition advice on our website Tjzbalm.com. We have a registered dietitian on staff.

Movement & Hydration Matter 

Exercise, daily movement and stretching should be done once your physician gives you the green light. Dancing and walking around the house, count too. The key is to stay moving during the day.  Hydrate with water, herbal teas and diluted juices. Maintain good posture while standing and sitting. There are many ergonomic tools to keep you aligned! Wind down your day at a reasonable hour so that when bedtime comes around, you’re ready!

Mental Stress Plays a Role

Mental stress plays a role too.  Massage or a relaxing yoga class can help. Enjoy a brisk walk in the neighborhood. It clears the mind. Don’t forget to breathe. We often hold our breathe when we are tense.

Small Changes

Healthy lifestyle changes one step at a time can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.   

What is TJz Balm™?

TJz Balm™ is an organic OTC topical pain relief drug that relaxes muscles and joints + moisturizes and soothes the jaw. 


by TJz Balm Expert



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