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Health professionals are using TJz Balm™ as a treatment for TMJ pain relief and customers are saying that TJz Balm™ alleviates TMJ pain, TMJ headache, TMJ ear pain and other jaw problems.

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Relieves tension in muscles and joints. Soothing and moisturizing for the jaw.

TJz™ cares. Our topical pain relief medicine is clean and organic, yet truly effective with properties to soothe and relax the jaw.

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Made With Care

Organic Lavender - Ingredients - Jaw Problems | Sleep Mouth GuardTJzzz™ Balm is a first of its kind organic and 100% botanical night-time topical pain relief drug that alleviates muscle and joint pain, with cosmetic properties that soothe, relax and moisturize the jaw area. This FDA-compliant OTC drug contains a unique combination of seven botanical ingredients including menthol, lavender, ginger and jojoba. Its hands-free massaging applicator allows for deep relaxation and penetration. Effective relief, yet safe and moisturizing for the sensitive skin around the jaw, neck and behind the ears. No synthetic chemicals. No animal testing, GMO-free. Dermatologist reviewed. Produced in the USA with global ingredients. One in three people complain of jaw problems and may suffer from night-time teeth grinding, clenching, TMJ jaw pain, TMJ headaches, TMJ ear pain and sleep disruption related to bruxism and TMJ disorders.

How TJz Balm™ Differs from Night Guards and Mouthguards

Over 40 million Americans are affected by bruxism and TMJ jaw pain related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Millions turn to TMJ night guards and TMJ mouthguards as a first attempt to treat jaw problems. Night guards and mouthguards protect the teeth but do not provide TMJ pain relief. TJz Balm™ alleviates muscle and joint pain and has cosmetic properties that moisturize, soothe and relax the jaw with a hands-free massaging applicator. While many patients find TMJ night guards to be uncomfortable, unattractive and often expensive, wearing a night guard in conjunction with applying TJz Balm™ may relax the jaw to improve comfort and can be the best solution to both protect the teeth and provide TMJ pain relief. Other holistic treatments for TMJ pain relief include TMJ massage, TMJ chiropractic treatment and stress reduction practices.

  • Night guards / mouthguards make the mouth ache whereas TJz Balm™ alleviates muscle and joint pain.
  • Night guards / mouthguards make it difficult to fall asleep whereas TJz Balm™ promotes sleep with its botanical ingredients including organic lavender.
  • Night guards / mouthguards are unattractive to wear whereas TJz Balm™ has pleasant and soothing natural scents.
  • Night guards / mouthguards are expensive - up to $1500 without dental insurance - and need to be replaced whereas TJz Balm™ costs up to $21.99 per tube.
  • Night guards / mouthguards can promote teeth grinding and clenching whereas TJz Balm™ calms and relaxes the muscles and joints.
  • Night guard / mouthguard daily cleaning can be unsanitary whereas TJz Balm™ massaging applicator tip is hands-free.

TMJ Facts and Figures

1 in 3* adults suffer from bruxism, which may cause jaw problems. 1 in 12** adults suffer from TMJ disorders. Both may lead to teeth grinding, clenching, TMJ jaw pain, TMJ ear pain, TMJ headaches and sleep disruption.

*Journal of Orofacial Pain, Epidemiology of Bruxism in Adults, 2013